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Even If You Work Full Time.



Why Work With NorthStar Investors?

    • Get A Check In Your Hands Within Days

      Have you ever bought or sold a home before? Maybe you know someone who has gone through that process. It can take months working with the banks, and the title company. And THAT is when everything is going smooth! Well, we have money ready when we make our offer on your home. Imagine the relief you will experience of getting a check from us when we both agree to the terms and sign the contract without waiting months on the bureaucracy.

    • More Flexible Than The Bank

      A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” ~ Bob Hope

      Have you ever asked the bank for any variations to a loan? If you’re like us, you have and the answer was a resounding NO. Because we are not an institutional bank, we can be much more flexible with financing and creation of the contract where all parties win. Even if the seller has unconventional requests or if a buyer is unable to qualify for a traditional loan through a bank. We work with you to make sure everyone is happy with the deal.

    • Keep More Profit

      Before I begin, can we agree that there are some fees that we can’t avoid? Courier fees, processing and filing fees, closing fees, etc. However, by working with a real estate investor, you can keep the commission that would typically go to a Realtor. This can sometimes translate to thousands of dollars staying in YOUR pocket.

Richard & Adriana – Real Estate Investors

Hello. My name is Richard. As you found our website and look through all of the pages and get a grasp of what we do, and how we can help you, I feel it’s important that you hear our story; Our WHY.

Why did we choose to build a real estate company?

I am a former U.S. Marine. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from University of Phoenix. My wife, Adriana is an RN with a bachelor’s from Grand Canyon University. Together, we are NorthStar Investment Properties. Like many people in America, we saw real estate as a viable way to build a legacy. It is the fast way to build generational wealth.

In 2008 We were hit hard by the economic crash. I was laid off and the MBA became worthless. Since then I took side jobs, 2nd and 3rd jobs in order to keep food on the table for my family. I found that holding multiple jobs only lead to more frustration rather than freedom. I learned that Corporate America has left me behind. I learned painfully that job security is a myth.

I also attempted several MLM and Network marketing companies which also lead to more frustration and stress and lost friends. The products may be good, yet I made no money from using them. I only made money from recruiting others. So… I was being directed more and more to get into real estate investing, where I could have control over the asset and my income. I could start living life on my terms instead of a company’s terms.

While I am now in a full time job, The lesson is still with me. I am tired of having to count the sick days and limit where I can take vacations and for how long. I am done with shrinking my dreams to fit a small bank account. I am done with the rat race and busting my ass for a boss with less experience and less education and getting passed up for promotions by younger people who will work for less pay.

Maybe you are close to the same point as well. Now Like many people, we liked the idea of real estate, and rent checks and big pay days from fixing and flipping and, at the same time, were also afraid of it. We bought into the myths around all of the risks associated with investing in real estate. It took a while to shift our “employee / W-2” or “scarcity” mindset to that of taking ownership of our situation and a mindset of focusing on solutions.

I know what you’re thinking… And yes, Obviously, there ARE risks. These risks can be mitigated though, when you are aware of them and prepare for them.

We attended a few of those real estate guru seminars. I looked through the FREE info on blogs and youtube videos and found all of those options lacking. There IS NO FREE INFO that will give you what you need to be a successful real estate investor. The guru seminars give you just enough to keep needing the next up-sell.

Through our due diligence and research we finally found a phenomenal real estate investing education and community. We surrounded ourselves with successful mentors who had years of experience, the same mindset and values and high standard of character as us. With the thorough education and mentoring provided, we are able to build our dream and help others with theirs in the process.

Our Vision Statement:
Making A Positive Impact In Peoples Lives Through Investing In Real Estate

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