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  • Raising Your Children as Good Entrepreneurs We all grew up with the notion of ya go to school, get good grades to get a good job and EEEEVRY THING will be hunky dory. Somewhere along the way that plan stopped working and as we grew older, we let our dreams die. They system’s purpose is to generate good employees. In the industrial revolution, we needed good employees for the factories and growing companies. Before that, we were mostly entrepreneurs and farmers. Good employees are obedient and willing to work hard at projects given to them by someone else. They accept […]

  • There are 9 Options you have available to avoid Foreclosure: The timeline for a foreclosure can vary greatly from one month to 5 years or longer! I have spoken with people who are late on their first mortgage payment and are already receiving the Notice of Default. I have met with other people who have been living in their home for free for several years because the bank either hasn’t gotten too it yet, or it fell through the cracks or some other issue regarding the bank. Naturally, if you are living in your home for free, keep doing so. […]

  • You are invited! Attend Our Free and Fun Income Recovery Party on March 11th at 2pm in North Scottsdale! Hello. My name is Richard Saling. I’m a regular guy, working to support my family and make the world a better place through my example. Since 2008, even though¬† I have a strong business background and MBA, Corporate America has left me behind. I started looking for a way to reinvent myself. I wasn’t about to get involved in an MLM. So I started studying business leaders and financial experts. One thing I found lacking in my formal education was decent […]

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