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  • Say What? Well this is a real interesting issue, and the issues and liabilities it creates for landlords, tenants, neighbors etc. are huge. The city of Oakland California now bans criminal background checks for tenants according to the LA Times. Hope this “intelligence” stays in California… Just for the record we DO have a fair housing issue with criminal back ground checks, but that is not new. This takes it into the stratosphere. So what happens if you rent to a violent criminal or Pedophile and they commit a crime in your house, building or neighborhood? Who is accountable? Bad […]

  • What She DID Was So Bold and Pure Genius! Kim applied for an internal position.Everyone said she was due for a promotion and was perfect for the larger role. She was a hard worker and got along with everyone at the office and the vendors and customers loved her. Of course She aced the interview, but still got rejected even though she was the top candidate. She later learned the person hired was a friend of her boss. Has that happened to you? Tired of the office politics, She applied to other companies. I will NEVER let that happen again […]

  • Tips For Turning Your Property Into A VRBO So you see the latest trend in earning extra income is renting out a room or renting out a house instead of just selling it. Before you jump into offering a VRBO or AirBnB, here are 8 things to consider when starting this adventure of Vacation Rentals. 1. Research Your Local Competitors A vacation rental means some financial investment from your end. Knowing the local competition in the area makes it easy for you to understand where your rents need to be. Every rental owner is here to make profits and that […]

  • Have you ever wondered what impacts your credit score? If you’re like me, you may have thought that you knew everything you needed to know about your credit. You can go to creditkarka and get your score, you can have credit monitoring and even go to a website to apply for multiple lines. When you get into trouble with your credit, you can go to a credit repair company and get the “Credit You Deserve”. Here is something that you should know already. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE CREDIT YOU DESERVE. Why do I need to know this? I want good […]

  • We Buy Houses Fast Do you need to sell your house fast? Has it been on the market over 2 weeks or 2 months? If you have a home listed for sale, I’m willing to bet that you’ve either noticed the abundance of roadside signs that read, “We Buy Homes Fast!” or perhaps you’ve even received an offer in the mail from a real estate investor to purchase your home.  The real estate market has it’s ups and downs and sometimes it takes longer to sell a house traditionally and sometimes, you can’t wait to find a buyer who can […]

  • Join Our Team at Northstar Investment properties

    Are you an experienced straight commission based direct sales professional? Are you sick of just making a couple hundred bucks per sale, or shrinking commission plans? We are expanding. I need more help to recruit trainees to participate in our real estate investing education. That is where you come in. I am seeking out strong business development/recruiters who are strong in direct sales like myself to help us expand our team in Arizona and nationwide. Responsibilities: This role is 100% direct outside sales Track monthly results and trends for business forecasting Establish sales goals and metrics Participate in weekly meetings […]

  • One of the 50 courses taught involves paying off a mortgage utilizing a mortgage acceleration strategy, and when done correctly, you are able to pay off a 30 year mortgage within a seven – ten year period.

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