Ya know how things tend to come back in style? Well, we have some good news for you; a lot of outdated trends and styles are expected to make a big comeback in 2018 and start getting popular all over again.
This could actually be the best news ever, for those who were trying to keep their homes updated. Check this list featuring several outdated trends that are going to be popular again.

Trends For Fixtures

While doing a rehab on a home near the Biltmore area, we naturally looked at what other people were updating their homes with in the area as well as trends on HGTV. Amazingly enough, we saw the return of chrome fixtures, which is great because it’s inexpensive.

We are also starting to see brass and copper show up in homes. This trend of brass décor may be considered one of the outdated home decors, but it made an appearance in 2016 and it is expected to do so once again in 2018, so all of those who have brass in their house, celebrate having a trendy décor in your house before it was even trendy.

Avocado Green & Harvest Gold

Yep. Trends come back. I personally think these colors are ugly and the 1970’s should be like Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3; Forgotten and the existence categorically denied. I must admit that it’s a relief to be getting away from the 50 shades of gray that we have lived through for what feels like forever. This should actually be amazing news for those who seem like they have not had their house updated since the 70’s. You no longer have to get it upgraded guys, you are already coping up with the upcoming trends.

Black & White

While, we wouldn’t go for the stark and dramatic contrasts, when done right, this color combination can be stunning. Having an interior design that is solely in black and white has been around for a very long time, it is ranked as one of the top trends that will never go out of style. It can look vintage to bold and elegant. When selling a home, regardless of the neighborhood or price point, it’s a good idea to create a vibe actually reflecting a sense of sophistication and elegance as well. Bottom line; no matter how the trends of colors fluctuate with time, these two colors, black and white, in particular, will always remain the best classical blend.

Oversized Furniture

For the homes that I fix and flip or rehab, this wouldn’t work, since my focus is on the smaller starter homes. However, for those with a larger space consideration and higher budgets, this is an option to fill those larger rooms. New homeowners have taken space into consideration more than actually the design of the furniture pieces. The vast spaces have become more significant in the trendiest interior designs, however; having oversized pieces of furniture are not actually something that you should be getting rid of anytime soon, because, thanks to the trendsetters, a lot, if not all, of the outdated trends of interior designs, are expected to come big in the following year. Besides, they create that elegantly antique atmosphere that is perfectly right for all of the people who are fond of the classical themes.

Art Gallery Walls

This trend in our opinion, never goes out of style. Although having a lot of pictures hung on your wall is considered to be outdated and something of the past by some, we highly believe that it should be a great thing and should never go out of style. Whether you fill your walls with photos of your close family members or even some original artwork, they will aid in giving your wall a nice accent and boost up your room’s overall design despite their relatively small sizes. The frames of the pictures work on perfectly pairing with the design of your wall, creating a nice eclectic appearance. Since they are expected to come back, do not think about taking them off anytime soon.

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