Better Solution - Local Real Estate Investing EducationLooking For The Best, Local, Real Estate Investing Education?

Are you sick of the real estate investing courses/seminars that don’t really have the support you need? Want to really learn how to invest in real estate with someone local who will mentor you, while you have an opportunity to earn while you learn? How about Local Real Estate Investing Education with active, local real estate investors?

If so, then keep reading and let’s talk.
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So who am I and why listen to me?
My name is Richard. I am a former Marine. I have an MBA and come from the corporate world. Like you, I was looking for a way to generate extra income or replace my job so I wouldn’t need to rely on anyone else for money. The economic crash of 2008 taught me there is no job security. I have friends still today working at big companies who are afraid of lay offs, because the company does that every few years. I’m sure you have seen or heard similar stories. Talk about feeling insecure. Anyway, I was frustrated with the hype and empty promises of various sales jobs and MLM companies. I tried several MLMs just to lose money and friends. Getting a 2nd job just lead to burnout and no real extra money. I always knew that real estate was the fastest way to build wealth. I was scared though. I spoke to realtors and mortgage people, who didn’t help at all. I went to those Seminar deals to learn more, and to me it was just more hype and a sales pitch. Plus, I never saw the main person that the event was named for. It was just a salesman in front of the room and credit card machines in the back. I kept looking though, and finally found the right opportunity for me and my family.

I reluctantly listened to a neighbor, who invited me to meet his team. This was very different from the seminars. I saw what local investors were doing right here and now. I heard their stories of how they started and were able to leave their jobs. I finally felt excited. I finally found credible education with a local community of support and mentoring to learn how to invest in residential, commercial real estate and land development through 50 1-2 day classes, and mentoring as part of the Real Estate Investing Education.

So, as you are reading ,and looking for the right opportunity for you, maybe my story resonates with you.

Not sure if you ever considered getting involved in real estate investing. Perhaps you have attended those same Guru Real Estate Investing Education Seminars and had the same experience I had.

Maybe you’re like me, and a lot of professionals I speak with who are more and more frustrated. Are you frustrated with not Escape The Cubicle - Local Real Estate Investing Educationfeeling appreciated, and working for bosses with less experience? Are you tired of working so hard and still being broke? Are you tired of being told how many days you can be sick per year? Do you want to have a better lifestyle that the job isn’t providing; maybe to have a better vacation or spend more time with your family, etc.?

Our team of real estate investors is expanding across the country; helping more R.E.I. students become successful at creating their own economy using a proven Real Estate Investing Education. As you should already know, this is NOT A W2 hourly or salary job. This is a partnership opportunity in real estate investing where we lock arms together, working side by side. Your income is based on your effort and the amount of productive activity you perform.

Bottom line is that this may be a good fit for you.

I don’t know though. It may not be… Click to attend an E.P.I.C. Event in Scottsdale AZ

As you walk through our orientation/overview process and you hear the details and see what’s possible, you will know the next natural step to take and you may be like a lot of people who see this and realize like I did, that it’s the best real estate investing education around, and once you see what I saw, you may also feel this is a great opportunity. However, I can’t tell you it is.

Only you will decide that you want to take this path after receiving all of the information. Fair enough?

Also, and this is important. We only work with a few people at a time BY INVITATION ONLY.
If ya want to meet me and our team, text your first and last name and email to my cell phone 480.719.0074

Benefits of joining our team:
* Great bonus commissions NO CAP get Paid twice a week
* Resources to expand and grow with our team and support of other successful Investors
* A great opportunity to build wealth that you can give to your children.
* Access to multiple streams of income through real estate, tailored to your interest
* Flexibility in choosing your own hours
* You choose when you work part time or full time, it’s completely up to you! Don’t fire your boss until your income exceeds that of your job!

We are looking for individuals to bring onto our team who will commit 100% to our systems and business model.

  • Commit a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • Willingness to practice our proven method of training
  • Desire to create financial freedom
  • Turn dreams into attainable goals this year

Be aware, we are not looking for your money or credit to do Real Estate deals.


we only work with people who meet 3 criteria:
•    You are interested, serious, and committed to learning how to properly invest in real estate.
•    You are coach-able and trainable.
•    You can make quick decisions and take action.

You will get the best in the United States Real Estate Investing Education, Mentors, Real Deal Tours, and training to complete Real Estate transactions.

This includes Tax Strategies, Mortgage Acceleration, Rehab and Resell, Wholesaling, Short Sales, Tax liens, Deeds, Notes, Subject To, and much more.

We are the only ones who offer both Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Land Development training.

If ya want to meet me and our team, And can commit to keeping the appointment, text your first and last name and email to my cell phone 480.719.0074

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