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Have you ever considered learning how to invest in real estate? To learn how to be a successful real estate investor, you need to be educated in all aspects of the business and surround yourself with other like minded and experienced professionals.

Naturally, There are many options for real estate investing education. Some are free and some costing up to $100,000 per course. Many of these programs of course, have an up-sell to more real estate investing classes, or real estate investing coaching.

A Fresh Approach to Real Estate Investing Courses

What’s Offered?

The real estate investing education I am sharing is more than just one strategy of how to fix and flip houses, or how to buy tax liens, or how to buy houses at auction, or how to buy commercial buildings or apartments, etc. You also learn financial literacy at a level that the wealthy have been utilizing for decades.

This company offers the essential real estate investing courses needed to be a successful real estate investor and business owner.

Just like college, the program starts with the foundation courses and end with your core major classes. There are over 49 full day courses.

More Than A Real Estate Investing Seminar

Renatus offers so much more than just one real estate investing strategy taught at a hotel over a weekend. Just like modern colleges, you experience a real estate investing curriculum that’s offered live NorthStar Investment Properties - Real Estate Investing Educationand online so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

All classes are taught by “practitioner instructors” who work in the areas they teach, so you can be confident that the strategies are current and applicable to real-life investing!

All courses adhere to the Instructional Systems Design methods as used by major universities, so no matter what the subject and teaching style of the instructor, you will receive a consistent, effective learning experience.NorthStar Investment Properties - Online Real Estate Investing Class

In Fact, the education and system is the only one to utilize Instructional Systems Design methods used by colleges and universities to accelerate the learning curve associated with investing in real estate and running a business.

How Long Is The Real Estate Investing Education Program?

You will never graduate because the courses are continually updated and new courses are added for you as laws and strategies change. You pay tuition once and receive a lifetime of education.

Truly wealthy people invest in their financial education, start businesses and accumulate assets that do the work to produce income for them. They don’t work for someone else. Are you ready to take the first step?

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Here are some of the prerequisite courses that lay your foundation.

  • Tax & Legal Strategies
  • Mortgage Acceleration
  • How To Find Real Estate Deals
  • Real Estate in Self Directed IRAs

The Tax & Legal course has shown us how to pay 1/3 less in taxes!

The Mortgage Acceleration course taught us how to legally pay off our 3o year mortgage in approximately  5 – 7 years!

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  • How to Fix & Flip
  • How To Buy Commercial Real Estate
  • How To Buy Multi-Family Homes
  • Buy & Hold Strategies

This is just a small sample of our real estate investing education. We just added Wealth Acceleration, Land Development, And How To Rehab Houses.

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  • One On One Real Estate Investing Coaching From A Successful Investor Mentor. Not a salesperson
  • Instructors are Current, Successful, Practitioners of what they are teaching.
  • Local Community Support
  • Earn While You Learn Program

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Sample Class on Tax & Legal Strategies with Mark Kohler